SFB 504 discussion paper 07-31

Rainer Greifeneder
Sonderforschungsbereich 504
L 13, 15, D-68131 Mannheim

Herbert Bless
Mikrosoziologie und Sozialpsychologie Universität Mannheim
Seminargebäude A 5 D-68131 Mannheim

Depression and reliance on ease-of-retrieval experiences

The relationship between level of depressive symptomatology and reliance on the ease-ofretrieval heuristic was investigated. In two studies, differences in ease-of-retrieval were instigated by means of the paradigm introduced by Schwarz and colleagues (1991). Subsequently, participants were screened for depressive symptoms with the ADS (Allgemeine-Depressions-Skala, Experiments 1 and 2) and the BDI (Beck-Depression-Inventory, Experiment 2). In both experiments, participants were randomly selected from a non-clinical population. Results indicate that participants with low levels of depressive symptomatology relied on experienced ease or difficulty, whereas individuals with high levels of depressive symptomatology based their judgment on the accessible content information. Theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed.
A8 Bless
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(in press). Depression and reliance on ease-of-retrieval experiences. European Journal of Social Psy
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